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Bangkok Uncovered and Beyond V04 - TRAVELINDEX - VISITTHAILAND.netBangkok, Thailand, November 30, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / The Sukhothai Bangkok cordially invites you to attend a fundraising charity event, “Bangkok Uncovered & Beyond,” to support the social development projects of endangered communities in Bangkok. For the forth year of the project celebration, The Sukhothai Bangkok and its preferred partners, including the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) – Tourism Division, are planning to expand the scale of the event. Hence, the project is now called “Bangkok Uncovered & Beyond Vol.4” and this marks our fourth event since 2017.

The project has evolved from our creation of the APPEAR concept to preserve disappearing communities and cultures, making them reappear through sustainable tourism. We have partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) – Tourism Division. The Sukhothai Bangkok has collaborated in this project to promote sustainable activities within six disappearing communities while improving the livelihoods of the locals. The six endangered communities include Koh Sarn Chao, Bang Lamphu, Hua Takhe, Bang Kradi, Ban Bu, and Nang Loeng.

In addition to these six communities, we also have another communities joining in the event: Talad Noi, Hala Market at Charoenkrung 103, Klong Ladmayom Market, Taladname Song Klong in Taling Chan, Bangkok Dee Jung, Talad Mod Ta Noi and Lumpoo Community. This year, we are also open to private companies interested in showcasing their products at the event.

We anticipate an attendance of approximately 1000 guests per day over the weekends. This event represents a significant milestone, and we are committed to making it even more remarkable than before. We would like to invite you to participate in this end-of-year charity event. Not only will you have the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Bangkok’s old neighborhoods, but you will also support community social projects and experience the different traditions of twelve local communities. You can participate in a range of fascinating cultural activities, many of which are slowly being forgotten and lost in time, including:

• Creative Thai arts and crafts workshops by community artisans, such as sustainable kites made from leaf-gilded black lacquer (Lai Rod Nam), hand embroidery of Mon shawls, Mon paper crafts, and self-portrait drawing.
• Rare musical, dance, and craft performances, such as banana trunk carving, vintage stone powder flower garland (Pang Puang) creation, Mon music, and Chatree dancing.
• Learning secret recipes from community grandmas, such as golden threads and kanom Jak.
• Shopping for unique gifts or simply enjoying an endless assortment of delicious food and desserts, including Mon caramel and mung bean marzipan.
• Trying the ancient Rae Rai, bale jelly, and Thai steamed red lotus stem cake.
• Enjoying special deals with vouchers from the luxurious five-star hotel, The Sukhothai Bangkok, including room, Food & Beverage, and spa packages.
• Discovering unusual artifacts and participating in the community auction to bid on art pieces by community artists and handmade bronze knives.
• Display and showcase service and product from multiple sponsors at the event.

We are excited to announce that at the upcoming Bangkok Uncovered & Beyond Vol.4 event, all proceeds from sales will be dedicated to supporting community-driven social projects. Once event costs are covered, the entirety of the sales revenue will be directed towards the following impactful initiatives:

Children’s Library: Promoting a love for learning and literacy among the young minds of our community.
Playground: Creating a safe and vibrant space for children to play, explore, and make cherished memories.
Study Center: Providing a conducive environment for students to excel in their education.
Museum Refurbishment: Breathing new life into a local museum, preserving and showcasing our cultural heritage.

Your attendance at Bangkok Uncovered & Beyond Vol.4 on 16-17 December 2023 will not only offer you a unique and enriching experience but will also contribute significantly to the betterment of our community. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing in this collective endeavor to make a positive impact. Together, we can make a difference.

For more information about the event and to stay updated on our progress, please contact:
Chutima Limpasurat
Director of Marketing Communications
02 344 8888 or

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