Musoma Town

It is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the north of Tanzania, near the Kenyan border. The town offers much amusement to the passing visitors and is a point of cultural interest for people wanting to experience the vibrant life of people around Lake Victoria.

Musoma is an administrative town of the Mara region. Musoma sits on the eastern edge of Lake Victoria not far from the Kenyan border. There are boats that take you across Lake Victoria from Musoma.

Located near Butiama, hometown of the first president of Tanzania, Musoma houses the Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Museum. It exhibits document of the rise of nationalism, the independence movement, and the early history of Tanzania, as well as displaying various items of interest that belonged to the late leader, including a copy of Plato’s Republic, which Mwalimu Nyerere translated into Kiswahili by hand.

There are few activities that can be undertaken while in Musoma which includes a town tour in which visitors are exposed to what the locals do during the day. To experience more of local life and to see how the locals do business, a visit to the fish market is recommended.

The town has an old German building that is now used as a government office which offers visitors an introduction to historic mementos in the area. Mukendo hill is a place where panoramic views of the town and Lake Victoria are great. At the base of Mukendo hill there a few caves that have a history of the legend who ruled the area. A visitor wishing to take photos of their life time this place is never missed.

Musoma offers a myriad beach hotels where several activities are also available for visitors such as boat trips to exotic Islands (Kibuyi Peninsula and Lukuba Island), deep fishing or just walking down the cool beach, the cool breeze alternating near the lake shore, they are all here, including biking, a sundowner, camping, visit to a fishing village and more. Tembo beach hotel and Matvilla beach hotel offers a handful of activities as well as camping facilities for overlanders.

Other accommodation facilities available near the beach include: Peninsula beach complex, Peninsula hotel, Acacia hotel, Ngerengere lodges (which has another facility out of town) and Lilian hotel. Town hotels include: Matvilla hotel, Setavin hotel, Mlima Mkendo hotel, Afrilux hotel, Hotel Orange Tree, Parents hotel and more are coming up.

Furthermore, there are several local restaurants where delicious food is served which includes: Matvilla garden, Mara dishes, Pam beach, Rehema café, Hekima food house, Mkombozi, Safi food, Police Officers mess and Prisons food court.

The sunset here makes the view even more compelling because of the apparitions left behind dancing in the rippled water winding its way down towards the expansive lake. Also visible are the “Bismark rocks” vegetation on the lake shore, able to hold the strength of the crashing waves. The sound of the waves climbing as the evening tide rises is quite audible just before the crickets take over the melodies of the darkening evening.

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