Historical Sites

Historical sites in Tanzania provide a clear insight into the past and help us learn about human history dated 2 million years back

Tanzania Historical Sites are marvels of engineering, also give us a clear picture on how our ancient cultures were, with such “primitive” tools, manage to make things like Stonehenge or the rock paintings which they made purposely for their survival. All this portrait their skill and desire. For those interested in history and culture travel to Tanzania below is the list of different historical sites they can visit.

Historical places gives people, a clear picture about our ancient cultures, primitive working tools like Stone tools, and our ancestors art work. You will find good example of the ancient art at the Rock Paintings of Kondoa Irangi Tanzania, others are

Apart from the famous Kondoa Irangi rock paintings, Tanzania has other attracting for historians as well as other visitors historical places. These include; Kaole ruins, Ismila Stone Age site, Engaruka ruins, Mikindani, Ngorongoro Conservation area, and many other sites within the country. The government of Tanzania is doing all it can to preserve and promote these sites for sustainable use.

The Division of Antiquities in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism is responsible for conservation, preservation, protection and management of cultural heritage resources and sites in Tanzania, its obligation is protection to objects or structures, which are of archaeological, palaentological, historic, architectural, artistic, ethnological or scientific interest. 

Tanzania is well endowed with abundant significant cultural heritage resources which range from the Pliocene period about four million years ago to present time. These resources are categorized into seven groups as follows:-
– Archaeological or Paleontological sites such Olduvai Gorge, Laetoli Footprint, Isimila Stone Age site, Engaruka Ruins;
– Historical sites such as Kaole Ruins, Kunduchi Ruins, Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins, Songo Mnara Ruins;
– Historical towns such as Bagamoyo, Kilwa Kivinje, Mikindani;
– Traditional Settlements such as Kalenga in Iringa and Bweranyange in Kagera;
– Historic Buildings like Colonial Administrative Buildings (BOMAs) in many Districts in Tanzania;
– Sites with special memories like Colonialists Cemetery, Cemeteries of World War I and II and Defensive Walls;
– Natural Features and Structures such as Mbozi Meteorite, Amboni Caves and Kondoa Rock Art Shelters to name only a few.

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