Mbomipa WMA

Neighbouring the Ruaha National Park, Mbomipa WMA is made up of land carved from 21 villages located in Idodi and Pawaga administrative wards in Iringa Rural District.

MBOMIPA WMA paves a way to Community conservation initiative in Tanzania.

Neighbouring the Ruaha National Park, Mbomipa WMA is made up of land carved from 21 villages located in Idodi and Pawaga administrative wards in Iringa Rural District.
Mbomipa is an acronym from the Swahili name, Matumizi Bora ya Malihai Idodi na Pawaga, which translated in official documents means “Sustainable Use of Wildlife Resources in Idodi and Pawaga.”

Mbomipa WMA was established in 2007, covering an area of 777 kilometres and is Tanzania’s biggest community based wildlife management association whose mission is to manage an effective and sustainable wildlife management system under the community authority, responsible for the Pawaga-Idodi locality Wildlife Management Area.

Through such an initiative, Mbomipa is committed to promote sustainable management of all natural and cultural resources as a means of enhancing local economic development and contributing to the reduction of poverty in the villages which it operates.
Tourists to Ruaha National Park are the leading visitors booked carry out photographic safaris in Mbomipa WMA. Attractive animals and mammal species found in Mbomipa WMA include Elephants, Hippos, Giraffes, Impalas,  Elands, Buffaloes, Zebras, Antelopes,  Greater and Lesser Kudus.

The area boasts a high diversity of birds and the African clawless otter, while key reptiles include the Nile Crocodiles, Monitor Lizards, Pythons, Black Mambas, Spitting Cobras and Puff adders.
Big herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Impalas, Guinea Fowls, Warthogs and other species from Ruaha National Park are easily found in this WMA.

Photographic Safaris, Tourist Hunting, Walking Safaris, Cultural Tourism and Picnicking are tourist activities taking place within Mbomipa WMA.

Vegetation distributed within the WMA forms a beautiful mosaic of plant communities that provides a diverse and scenic landscape for spectacular game viewing, scenery and natural beauty in Mbomipa.

Bird communities, fish, Nile crocodile and monitor lizards can easily be seen during rainy seasons.

Mbomipa WMA is accessible by road transport from Iringa Town. Visitors from Dar es Salaam can easily travel to Mbomipa WMA through to Iringa Municipality.

From Iringa Municipality is 90 kilometres drive to Tungamalenga where Mbomipa WMA head office is located. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to drive from Iringa to the WMA through the gravel road, now under construction to a tarmac road.

There is a daily public bus plying between Tungamalenga and Iringa Municipality and which visitors can book to visit the WMA.

Accommodation services can be arranged and booked through travel agents or direct booking to the lodges operating outside, but closer to the WMA, offering international standards services.

These are Ruaha Hilltop Lodge and which is located on a hill overlooking the WMA with a best view of green vegetation downstream.  Sunset Mountain Lodge is the other tourist facility serving visitors booked to Mbomipa WMA. The lodge is located on Idelemile, Mountain, overlooking the green WMA’s conserved area.

Tungamalenga Lodge and Camp site offers accommodation services outside the WMA and is located at Tungamalenga Township, about 15 km from Mbomipa WMA also Vinyago Lodge.

Investment opportunities in Mbomipa WMA

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